Kryptic Wear | Fallen | T-shirt

PRICE: $26.00

Artwork By Rabih

unisex - regular fit

100% cotton | BLACK

screenprint on the front

Inspired by the timeless imagery of Gustave Doré,  
this artwork invites you on a journey into the shadows of the unknown. 
At its core stands a fallen angel, its form shrouded in a gradient 
of crimson hues that evoke a sense of profound mystery. 

  a world where light and darkness converge in a delicate balance.  
The fallen angel, a symbol of both defiance and vulnerability,  
stands as a silent sentinel amidst swirling shadows and whispered echoes. 
Whether viewed as a symbol of sorrow or resilience, 
'Fallen' stands as a testament to the enduring power  
of art to provoke thought and evoke emotion."