Voyage of introspection

Voyage of introspection

Kryptic Wear | Voyage of introspection | T-shirt

PRICE: $26.00

Artwork By Rabih

unisex - regular fit

100% cotton | BLACK

screenprint on the front

homage to the enchanting style of Gustav Doré and the boundless 
journeys of the mind. The human brain is depicted as a vessel,
sailing away on a journey of dark illumination and discovery.
Each brushstroke captures the ethereal essence of mystic enlightenment,
inviting the viewer to embark on a voyage of introspection and wonder. 
Whether you're drawn to its surreal beauty or captivated
by its symbolic depth, this shirt draws those who seek to explore
the mysteries of the human psyche. Wear it as a tribute to the endless
adventures of the mind, a reminder to embrace the journey
of self-discovery. Experience the enchantment of imagination with this shirt.